Day 12: Final Destination–Rome

I can’t believe our adventure is coming to an end. Arezzo has been nothing short of amazing. Arezzo has given me 40 new best friends and memories that will last a life time. I am so proud of my PCS group for the hard work that we put in to our community service project and for pushing through the long days of class touring. It seems as if just yesterday we arrived in this foreign town, now we are leaving it as if we had been here for years and saying a teary-eyed goodbye. I will always remember the welcoming people of the town who called ¬†us “Oklahoma” everywhere in town. Salute to you, Arezzo, my home away from home!

Next stop, Rome! I was so excited to see Rome, especially the Vatican and Colosseum! This city was full of history and I couldn’t wait to experience it firsthand. My roomie was Gracie!! I was so excited to spend the last couple days with one of the first people I started it out with. Gracie and I had become really good friends and I’m so thankful this trip brought us together! We all went together to dinner where Professor Duclaux ordered our meal. I wish he were there to order every meal because he always picked us something we probably wouldn’t normally order. At dinner, I tried to sit by someone I hadn’t sat by before. I ended up sitting by Alyssa and we ended up hanging out together afterwards! One of my goals of this trip was to branch out and meet new people. Unfortunately, Alyssa and I didn’t become close until the end of the trip, but I am grateful that it happened and we can carry on this friendship! I have met so many great friends. I wish this trip would never end.


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