Day 13: ROME-ing ;)

Today is the day my wishes come true! Our first stop was the Trevi fountain. This fountain has been in so many movies and seen millions of people. Everyone wishing for different things or maybe even the same. Professor Duclaux tells us that when you throw the coin with your right hand over your left shoulder its a wish to return to Rome in the future and left hand over your right shoulder is a wish for love. In the moments I spent down at the Trevi, even though we were scared of pickpocket-ers, I felt so happy. This place collected millions of wishes and I couldn’t grasp the fact that I was standing there now myself about to do the same. I  I won’t tell you my wish but I didn’t go with the guidelines of right or left, instead I threw straight behind. Maybe it was because I was focused on getting the perfect picture, but I’ll tell you this, I didn’t wish for either.

Next stop, the Vatican! If you want to feel claustrophobic, sweaty, and nervous of people bumping into you, then the Vatican is the place for you. Haha, I’m kidding, sorta. The Vatican was gorgeous. Every piece of art was so detailed and perfect. I specifically liked the tapestries in one of the halls. I had not seen anything like this in any other place we have visited. These tapestries were amazing and detailed. I felt as if the eyes of the people on the embroidery were following me each way I stepped. It was creepy, but fascinating as to how the artist created the tapestry for its viewers. We made our way to the Sistine Chapel. “No photo” and “Silence” were repeated over and over. Molly and I began to make a joke out of it later. I secretly took a picture, oops. The Sistine Chapel was painted by Michelangelo. The ceiling looked as if it were 3D and coming right at me. This masterpiece was absolutely breathtaking.

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