Day 14: Ciao Italia!

What a bittersweet day it is! I have had the time of my life these past two and a half weeks. I have made so many new friends and learned so much! It makes me so sad that this is our last day. However, we have a lot planned for this day and I’m ready to see what is in store. Dean Grillot took us to The Altare della Patria aka The Wedding Cake. We rode an elevator to the very top of the building where we could look out over the city. The view was incredible! I had a perfect view of the Colosseum. Everything up here looked so small. I took in every moment of this view, making sure I didn’t miss a single thing going on in the city below me. Police sirens overwhelmed the city (I will not miss their obnoxious sirens). Other than this, the city was perfect. I wish I had more time to explore this city. One day. 😉

We headed to the Colosseum with Professor Duclaux! I have truly enjoyed being taught by Professor Duclaux. It fascinates me that he knows so much about every piece of art that we encounter. I have learned more than I imagined I would. Being able to see the art in person and having Professor Duclaux tell you everything there is to know about it, from the artists life to the meaning of the piece, is a once in a lifetime opportunity and he has made it so enjoyable for us all. The Colosseum was so incredible on the inside. In the middle where the stage originally was, was torn up and we were able to see what was beneath the stage. This area is where they would keep the animals and the people they used for the fights during the plays. It was crazy to see this and imagine what it must have been like.

As my day comes to an end, so does this adventure. It has been nothing short of amazing. I feel like I have grown as a woman and become more independent. I never thought I would actually go through with studying abroad and here I am, not wanting to leave this country. I am thankful for those who helped get me here and those I have met through this trip. I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to now going into my sophomore year. I’m definitely not saying goodbye to you Italy, I’ll see you soon!


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